Fear is a powerful and crippling emotion. It stops us dead in our tracks and tells us we’ll never be able to accomplish our dreams. But, what would your life look like if you could break free from this lie? How much could you accomplish if you were fearless?  

Freedom Movement invites you to FEARLESS, a one-day workshop created to help you press past the spirit of fear that keeps you from pursuing the goals and dreams God has given you. This workshop is designed to help you acknowledge your potential, trust God’s work in you, and set you up with next steps that will bring healing and empowerment to your journey. You were made to do BIG things, and you have been chosen to bring healing to the people around you. 

If you’ve ever felt like you were made for more, that it was time to step into the dreams that have rattled around your brain for years, or if you simply need someone to encourage you with a “You’ve got this!,” FEARLESS is for you. Join Karrie Garcia and the Freedom Movement team, along with Licensed MFT Kalee Vandegrift, as you receive tangible tools to overcome fear and live the life you have been called to. Your best life is now, and today is the day you can start living out the dreams that God has placed on your heart!



September 2, 2017

Crossroads Church