Why The Freedom Movement?

So many people have asked me what The Freedom Movement is and why I started it. Simply put, The Freedom Movement was created to help free women from the lies they tell themselves so they can live the life they were created to live. But you should know better than to think I'd give you a simple explanation and leave it at that! I want to dive into what that means, so here is my heart behind this movement. For years, I've been watching women struggle. They struggle to believe that they are more than their mistakes. Or they struggle to believe that they could really be loved because their life falls short of perfection.

For years I lived this way, too. I was in bondage to my own failures. I felt like if I just tried harder... to think better, to act better, that I could get better and finally be better. But that never worked and trying harder never produced the results I'd hoped for.

I had fallen prey to drug abuse early on in my teens and had hurt so many people I loved as a result. I eventually stopped the drugs but never really dealt with why I did them in the first place. I moved on, trying to be "normal". I thought if I got married, it would fix everything and move me out of that painful phase in my life and into the next, helping me finally put my past behind me. Unfortunately being broken and trying to love with authentic love was impossible when my wounds went so deep. After some time, the pain and brokenness from my past caught up to me again and I could no longer manage my marriage. I chose to walk away. I thought if I was not in my marriage, then I could finally be free from the pain I had carried for so long... the pain of abandonment from my childhood, the pain of drug abuse, the loss of the life I was supposed to have. If I could just run away from it all, I could get better and stop feeling so bad, right??


That couldn't have been further from the truth. That choice stripped me of all I had known. Again, I had hurt the people I loved and I continued to add to the heap of shame I was under for all of my choices. I believed I was no good, that I was unsaveable. How could I ever make everything right? My destiny was clear... I would never be able to be happy. I was unredeemable.

I watched my mom live the same life I did. Her actions were different but her mindset the same. Both of us were hopeless and damaged from a life full of wrong choices. As long as I can remember my mom struggled to see herself as anything worth loving. She was beautiful and kind, but she could never see that. Everyday she woke up and believed she was a failure. Being beautiful, thin, and young was where she put her value, so she did everything in her power to keep up those appearances. Her life was a daily battle, her mind was her worst enemy. She believed lie after lie until eventually she believed she was worthless. Her pursuit of beauty and youth at any cost ended up costing her everything... her health, her spirit, and eventually her will to live.

My mom and me on the day I married my husband, Mario. Photo: My mom and me on the day I married my husband, Mario.

This woman who started out as a passionate, fun-loving little girl with a sweetness that permeated a room had become a shell of a person. Years of telling herself she was dumb and ugly and fat took its toll. She didn't believe she could ever be good enough or that anyone could love her after of all of her poor choices. All of the pain from the lies she told herself eventually caused her to take her own life.

No little girl grows up and thinks "One day I will take my life." This happens when we believe the lies that say we are a sum of our mistakes. No one is immune to this kind of mind torture. My whole life I watched a woman I loved with my whole heart struggle to believe she was something of worth.

She was beautiful and kind and I miss her greatly. What would her life have looked like if she had chosen to believe that what GOD said about her was really true? How would her life have been different if she had truly seen herself as a child of God... What if she had truly believed that she was loved even though she'd made mistakes, and that God wanted to heal the deepest parts of her pain?

This is where my mom's story and mine are drastically different. I allowed God to invade my story. I chose to believe that what God said is true. I began to believe that I am forgiven, and that I am loved (Acts 13:38). Over time as I allowed God to redeem what had been lost, hope began to spring up in my life and I started to see that my actions do not determine my worth. God has chosen me. ME! The good, the bad, the ugly! He said "I choose you Karrie to be my daughter" (I Peter 2:9). He is proud to identify Himself with me. Going from being bound by pain to being FOUND in Christ has forever changed my life. This new life I can't keep a secret. I had to share these truths with other women so they could experience freedom too, so I started The Freedom Movement.

No woman should ever feel she is alone. Every woman should know that she is loved deeply, no matter what mistakes she has made. Jesus says "I have come to give life, and to give it to the fullest" (John 10:10). Christ has come to free you from the bondage of your mind, and to let you start living in freedom. The heart behind The Freedom Movement is that women would be able to hear from other women and from God's word that it's okay to struggle but you don't have to be defined by those struggles. All it takes is one brave act... an act that says "I am broken and I need you, Jesus, to come heal my broken heart and mind." He is waiting. You owe it to yourself to BE BRAVE. The life God created you for is waiting.

Found... Unbound, Karrie Garcia