We are committed to standing in the trenches with the numerous women who need to know God’s reckless love.

–Karrie Garcia, Founder of Freedom Movement


Our Story

At Freedom Movement, we exist to liberate women to walk into victory and freedom. We want every woman to know you’re not alone in the battles you face, that God sees your wounds and mess ups and loves you still, and that His desire is to heal and give you hope – today! 

Maybe you need help in your journey to freedom and healing. We get it. We also understand the despair of endlessly wandering toward freedom from addiction, destructive patterns, shame and guilt, unexplained loss, anxiety and depression, and many other forms of emotional and mental bondage. Sometimes, we just need to know which step to take next.

It’s time you find that freedom. We’ll be your next step.   

Freedom Movement offers affordable life coaching, counseling, workshops and resources – all founded on the truth of God’s word and relentless love – to set you free.

In a world where behavior modification seems central to emotional healing, we’ve created a model focused on finding and healing the root of the issue. We believe that destructive patterns can be halted, wounds can be healed, that you have a purpose, and that you will experience joy and peace. 

Freedom is for today. Healing is for today. Freedom Movement is for you. 


“We are here to be the hands and feet of Jesus.”

Our Team


Founder, Executive Director

Karrie Garcia is a speaker, life coach and mother of three who is passionate about proclaiming the freedom that can come from a life surrendered to Christ. Facing drug addiction, the suicide of her mother, and the breakdown of her first marriage, she understands the need for grace, mercy and healing that can only come from Jesus Christ.

Also the founder of Freedom Movement, Karrie is passionate about sharing the truth of Christ and helping other women walk away from a victim mentality and into a life of victory. She is driven to see healing in the lives of fellow women who seek real, authentic relationships. Her goal is to tear down the misconception that we are identified by our mistakes and to replace that concept with the truth the we are made for so much more.




For more than 15 years, Kaitlyn McCarty has partnered with women in their journey toward healing, hope, and freedom. She has a B.S. in Psychology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and a Masters degree in Marriage Family Therapy from Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary.  She is an active member of ROCKHARBOR church in Costa Mesa, where she has served as volunteer staff, director of their ministry for moms, and supervisor for the lay counseling program. Kaitlyn brings a depth of empathy and grace to her work, along with experience working with relationship issues, boundaries, parenting, co-dependent tendencies, ADHD, grief, depressive tendencies, anxiety, and survivors of sexual abuse.  Kaitlyn now serves as Director of Coaching & Care and lives in Orange County with her husband of 15 years with their four daughters.