At Freedom Movement, our message is simple: You are not alone in what you struggle with. God sees it all and loves you. His desire is to heal and give you hope. We believe God has called us to create a space where no matter what a woman has done and no matter what has been done to her, she can let down her walls, feel loved and see that God wants to redeem what has been broken.




Freedom Movement is a community of once broken, now liberated women committed to bringing the truth and love of Jesus Christ to all women so they, too, can walk into a life of victory. We believe we are called to love our fellow sisters fiercely, to expose the lies we tell ourselves and to encourage all women around the globe with the truth that they have not gone too far for God’s love. 

Through events, workshops and an online community, we seek to serve as a catalyst for change that opens the doors for many to experience the freedom God desperately wants for all His children.



Since Freedom Movement launched three years ago, we have been amazed and humbled by how God continues to bless and work through our ministry. We also are so thankful for the support of our friends, family and community partners who make it possible for us to continue liberating women to walk in victory.