Grayce and Kindness

Lexi Kinsey  •  January 17, 2016

“My husband Cameron and I became pregnant in March 2015, we had always looked forward to starting a family and then, there we were, parents!  

On November 30th Grayson was born, he arrived a hefty boy weighing 8 pounds and 3 ounces and 21 inches long.  

The nurses quickly began checking him, Cameron cut the cord, and then they all realized something was wrong, they discovered Grayson had a heart condition called “Transposition of the Great Vessels.” 

After a helicopter ride and two heart procedures our Grayson died. 

Following his death we were hit with a sadness I didn’t know existed, a sadness that lingers today. At the same time we were comforted by a God so sovereign, powerful and true that we couldn’t help but rejoice that Grayson was taken from this sinful earth to heaven.

As a write this now I am 30 weeks pregnant with our little girl Aurelia. I pray daily that the Lord will allow me to keep her, to raise her, to tell her about Grayson and where he is and the God that comforts us.

However, I know that I am a steward of God, He has granted her as a gift to me, but ultimately she is His. 

I also know, that the Lord will never forsake me, never walk without me; our God has also felt the sting of losing His son, and only He can truly comfort my heart and bring me peace.”