Whitney Tarrant•  February 3, 2017

"For the majority of my Christian walk, I’ve always struggled with being completely terrified that I am or will be outside of God’s will. I let fear, anxiety, and discouragement overcome everything I knew to be true about the Lord. Even though I was a student in Bible College, and everyone else’s walk seemed to be led by so much direction and guidance, mine was so blurry and confusing. I felt that I absolutely was not walking in God’s direct will for my life and therefore was displeasing to the Lord. FEAR.

It all came from fear.

A fear that my loving Father would then be disappointed in me, scold me, and punish me. But my view of God was all wrong. When fear entered in it was like suddenly the Bible wasn’t telling the truth. Fear caused me to doubt God, and then become discouraged, worried, and cast down. I began to listen to the lies of the enemy, twisting God’s truth of His love, grace, and sovereignty over my life and soon exchanged the lie for the truth. After years of fighting this battle against the enemy and the lies on my own, I surrendered.

The Lord so sweetly has been taking me through this ongoing journey of freedom in truth. Being set free by the truth. The truth that God is never disappointed in me, He does not desire to trick me or see me fail, but instead causes me to be on my knees seeing my desperate need for Him. He’s caused me to see that because my desires are to serve, love and please the Lord, I can trust that He is big enough to take me where He wants me to be. Worry, doubt, and fear can all flee when the truth of God’s nature comes in and triumphs, leading me to sweet freedom in Christ and my Heavenly Father who loves my soul more than anyone ever could.”