The RECKLESS tour was created to share stories with you from several women who have experienced a love so great, SO RECKLESS it has changed their lives. Please come, relax, LAUGH, and maybe even cry (I mean, come on, we are girls!) There will be art from other women sharing their expressions of freedom, dessert, great music, and just an all around amazing night! COME AS YOU ARE, seriously, and find out what it means to be loved recklessly. YOU were made for something great, you were made by someone great, and you are SO WORTH LOVING!



“It’s so easy to feel bogged down by external circumstances that start to define our lives – like feeling we aren’t ‘pretty enough,’ ‘smart enough,’ ‘successful enough,’ or ‘strong enough’ or perhaps thoughts of feeling unlovable because of life struggles or a difficult past – or any other LIE we tell ourselves or hear from others on a daily basis. What a joy and encouragement it is to be surrounded by strong, redeemed women who boldly share God’s love!”

– Melanie, Orange County, CA