What’s my next step? There are so many obstacles and hurts you may face as a result of your own choices or maybe even choices that have been done to you. These choices have left you feeling stuck, unable to move forward in achieving the freedom your heart has been longing for. Many questions plague your mind. Will I ever be free from this hurt, will I ever be able to live a life that has wholeness and joy, am I even worth the effort? These questions consume our thoughts and are surrounded by pain and fear. The good news, you are not alone!

Our founder Karrie Garcia has experienced first hand much of this pain and has created a curriculum to bring you to a place of real healing and freedom. In 6 weeks you will learn that you are not identified by your past, that God is for you, and that He will give you the tools to overcome and heal what has kept you stuck for so long. Tackling issues like forgiveness, trust, identity, and true love allows you to the gain the tools necessary to start walking in freedom. In addition to all this you will spend a good amount of time understanding what victory really means. Learning that victory doesn’t mean perfection, allows you to journey with God as He loving walks you through His healing process for your life. God does not want to change WHO you are, He LOVES who He made, but He does want to fix the broken parts so you can be FREE!