Dates:  Wednesday’s, March 20–May 8, 2019
Where:  Freedom Movement Headquarters (710 S. Cambridge St Orange CA 92866)

Men are problem solvers. As such, we understand how frustrating it can feel to see a problem and not know how to fix it. God wants to help break down the walls of confusion and help you get "unstuck". He wants to lay a new foundation and teach you to build a new life of connection. 

Freedom Movement invites you to join Jeff Myers at Bricklayers, our men’s process group that will meet Wednesday nights for eight weeks. Through Bricklayers, you’ll experience the growth, restoration, and freedom God wants for you. 

Engage with topics including dispelling lies we believe about ourselves, understanding relational needs, boundaries and others. 

Participate in process groups intended to foster vulnerability and growth in a safe environment.

Set and make progress toward personal and professional goals.

The Exchange

Dates:  Monday’s, February 4–April 1, 2019
Where:  Rockharbor Offices (3095 Red Hill Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626)

For some, freedom means walking away from painful memories or major traumatic events, such as divorce, rape, or abandonment. For others, freedom simply looks like moving past the fears and hurts that are keeping them stuck. Regardless of the experience or behavior, it’s time to release it and walk in the freedom you desire and in the abundance of God's designed purpose for your life.

During this 9-week journey, Kaitlyn McCarty and Kelli Coltman will lead you through THE EXCHANGE, helping you move from hurting to hope. Together as a group, you’ll watch videos of Karrie Garcia's teaching and complete guided reflections and exercises designed to help you exchange the lies, the hurt, and your past to walk in the freedom God has for you. No matter what you have faced in your past, the eight steps in this course, all pulled from the Word of God, will allow healing to begin. You will be able to redefine your life, release the thoughts holding you back, and recapture the life you are intended to live.


Date:  Saturday, March 16, 2019
Time: 9am–3pm
Where: Bridge Community Church (710 S. Cambridge St Orange CA 92866)

It's all around us: eyes glued to phones and fingers swiping through social media, all looking to satisfy a desire for connection. Despite being more “connected” than ever, we're often left feeling restless and longing for something real that truly satisfies. Connection is vital to the human experience. It is the catalyst to unlock more of who you have been created to be.

CONNECTED, a one-day workshop for men and women, was developed to guide and equip you to understand the importance of connection with yourself, others, and, most importantly, God.

EXPLORE what the Bible reveals about the need for connection. 
DISCOVER how the human brain needs and responds to connection. 
LEARN the benefits of connecting with others.
GAIN tools to begin building quality connections today. 

CONNECTED is led by Karrie Garcia, Jeff Myers, and Kaitlyn McCarty.
Workshop includes a light lunch and morning coffee & pastries.